Kim Dawson-Brooks is a former television journalist with experience in major markets including Chicago, St. Louis and Milwaukee. As a general assignment reporter and anchor, Kim covered large-scale disasters such as the Great Flood of 1993, one of the most significant and damaging floods to ever occur in the United States. Kim also provided live coverage of the 1996 Democratic National Convention, Pope John Paul II's United States visit and the Green Bay Packers quest for the Super Bowl. On a daily basis, Kim worked closely with managers and editors selecting stories and producing content for daily news broadcasts. Kim's reports have been featured on local ABC and CBS affiliates around the country as well as CBS This Morning and CNN.  

Call it an "insider's perspective" but news experience is what helps Kim successfully pitch and place stories for organizations that range from The American Red Cross to The Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office. As an experienced public relations practitioner,  Kim offers crisis management counseling and helps companies proactively tell their story while connecting with key stakeholders in meaningful ways. 

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Photo Credit: ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr

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